About us

Working in the IT industry for the last 14 years, Divya had always wanted to do something of her own. Inspired by the accomplishments of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, some of her own high school friends and more recently her former boss Milot Zeqiri at ArchiPro it was time to do something that would fulfil the dream of Divya’s own venture to nurture and grow.

Growing up in a hospitality family, a fabulous chef in her late mother and as a type 1 food-loving diabetic of over 31 years Divya knew it had to be something to do with tasty and healthy food. Bringing together her passion for value creation through simplicity and agility in software development and her love for food Divya’s Healthy Kitchen was born to make healthy eating more accessible for everyone. Supermarket shopping trolleys loaded with processed high carb and sugary foods and on a self-imposed tight budget herself it was clear there was a need for making healthy food more affordable and easier to get to. The food exists, the knowledge exists and the people sure do. But the three are not as well connected as they can be. And that set the mission for Divya’s Healthy Kitchen.

Our mission

To bring delicious healthy food from all over the world from Divya’s kitchen to yours, and make healthy eating an affordable, enjoyable and delicious habit.

Making healthy eating tasty, easy and affordable

Eating well can be daunting especially with a new diet or trend like Paleo or Keto every few months, and easily available options like ready food bags turn out rather expensive.
Cooking healthy delicious meals can be made easy both on the pocket and in terms of complexity with the right knowledge and ingredients. Divya’s Healthy Kitchen will help you on this journey to make a sustained habit of healthy eating. We hope that within the first 6-8 weeks you will forget you ever thought that healthy eating was
– expensive
– time consuming
– laborious
– boring
– confusing
and just plain difficult.

Sharing with you recipes, grocery lists and exploring world cuisines and ingredients, your kitchen will become the haven where you create magic! Whether you’re cooking for an army, are a family of 3-5, a professional couple or a single person the recipes will be suitable with substitutes and variations to match your tastes and budget at under $6 average per serving.

Make healthy eating easier

Bring the world to your table with tasty and affordable recipes, new ingredients and tips and pointers to make healthy eating a breeze.
Surprise your taste buds and your pocket at under $6 * per adult serving.

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*Indicative costs between $4-$6 per average adult serving based on retail costs at various supermarkets in North Shore, Auckland.

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