The king of my spice rack

Always struggled with storing all your spices and condiments? Find the sheer count of ingredients in some recipes overwhelming? End up buying new spices and condiments not knowing when you’ll use them again?
Panic not, you’re not alone.

I’ve often found it difficult to keep a tidy spice rack with everything I may ever use. About a year ago I was in spring clean mode trying to tidy up all I could in the kitchen. This included cleaning up the spice rack and it was then that I realised that I use a lot of the spices together…almost always! With this, I decided to mix them up and ended up creating an amazing concoction that has become my go-to for most Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and Middle Eastern meat and veg dishes – my very own Garam Masala.

Garam Masala - The most important ingredient in my spice rack
Garam Masale – The king of my spice rack

Garam Masala literally translated means a “hot mix of spices”. The name originates from Ayurvedic medicine as some of the spices used like cinnamon and star anise are known to elevate body temperature in Ayurvedic medicine (might explain their use in mulled wine too!). The mix of ingredients varies from recipe to recipe, and some are created especially to add extra flavour right at the end of cooking while others like mine are a spice mix created to save storage space and for ease of use. The blend constitutes 11 whole spices/ seeds toasted prior to grinding to extract the flavours and aromas, and is essential if you like your Indian food.

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