What is healthy eating?

Why is healthy eating important?

Eating healthy is not a trend or a short term fad. It is a way of life that needs to be sustainable as we will be eating the rest of our lives. What we eat drives how we perform, how our mind operates and how we look. In short, it is important to eat well if you want to look good, feel great and perform optimally.
The perils of pollution and global warming and their direct impact on plants and animals is the more stark example of why it is important to ensure what goes into our bodies is good for us, or at the very least not harmful.

What is healthy food?

I simply define healthy as balanced in nutrients, quantity and satisfaction. It is not rich in proteins like Atkins or fats like Keto, but is balanced in quantity and nutrients including fats, fibre, proteins and carbohydrates. Ensure vegetables dominate, whole grains come next, meat third and fats last for long lasting energy and overall wellbeing.
Life’s too short to not eat anything and there are too many yummy high carb, protein and sugar foods available, so look for the balance between the key nutrients, quantities and satisfaction in every meal on a daily basis.

Are you eating healthy if you sometimes cheat?

Absolutely! Eating fried chicken and chips for dinner or sticky date pudding for dessert today simply means you need to compensate the next day or 2.. One cheat meal will usually take at least 3 super healthy low carb and low fat meals. Find your balance, if not in every meal then every day. If not every day then every 2 days. But don’t leave the catch-up any longer for best results!

Does quantity matter when eating healthy?

Healthy is balanced. Not just in quality but also quantity. Healthy eating does not mean we eat as much as we like, it is in fact a balancing act. In saying that, if you are continually hungry then consider/ try the following:
– Drink more water. Thirst is often easily misconstrued as hunger
– Evaluate the carbohydrates in your diet. Carbs are high energy but only for short periods of time. Beans, lentils and whole grains last a lot longer and provide good fibre. The more processed, the shorter the energy lasts.
– Increase protein (meat and lentils) and good fats (eg: avocados and nuts) slightly

Would love to hear your thoughts in comments. Please also add any questions you may have about healthy eating.

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